Sell Your Bike


Estimate Your Harley-Davidson Trade-In Value

Are you planning to upgrade your motorcycle with something bigger and better? The easiest way to do it is to sell your old bike to a dealership, and then put its value toward the cost of your next bike. In other words, you’ll take a brand-new motorcycle home to Cape Girardeau — and you’ll only pay the difference between your old Harley-Davidson’s trade-in value and the price of your new bike! What’s more, you’ll save tons of time and effort compared to offloading your bike in a private sale.

Have a Motorcycle for Trade? We’ll Buy It!

We’d be happy to add your old bike to our pre-owned inventory as long as it meets our quality standards — and if it’s a Harley, odds are good! The process of bringing your motorcycle for trade and selling it to a dealership is pretty simple, and can typically be done in a single afternoon. Here’s how it works:

  • Estimate your Harley trade-in value. It’s helpful for budgeting purposes to have an approximate Harley-Davidson trade-in value in mind before you start shopping for your next bike. Getting a Harley trade-in value estimate is simple: just fill in the form above with some basic info about your bike!
  • Schedule an appraisal. Motorcycle trade-in values can vary depending on the condition of your bike, so the only way to know for sure how much your bike is worth is to have it inspected and appraised. Although we do take walk-ins, we recommend scheduling a time to have your bike appraised so that our team is ready to take care of it for you as soon as you arrive at the dealership.
  • Trade in your bike. Stop by our Scott City dealership with your motorcycle for trade, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Questions About Your Harley Trade-In Value?

Selling your bike to a dealership near Paducah, KY or Memphis, TN is also a smart financial move because it gives you the opportunity to apply special incentives toward your purchase. Browse our current new bike specials at Lawless Harley-Davidson to see how much you can save today.